Glass Magazine is a hub for QUT student content; from the creative to the critical to the newsworthy. Founded in 2019 by the QUT Guild, in just over a year Glass has grown from a fairly insular, creative-focused community publication to a diverse publication archived in the State Library of Queensland and drawing in 50,000 annual online views. Glass Magazine publishes four print issues of our literary mag each year. You can read 2020’s Breaking the Stigma and Uncharted Waters alongside our digital content on our website at


UQ PubSoc is a community of authors, artists, journalists and editors dedicated to cultivating a collaborative culture of student publication. PubSoc starts with the understanding that the best academic institutions in the world have thriving student cultures that encourage and empower bold and creative initiatives. We believe some of the most vibrant and impactful student work comes in the form of campus publications – from powerful exposes and thought provoking reflections on society, to groundbreaking young artists and storytellers. This view underpins PubSoc’s mission to incubate and network student talent at UQ. With dozens of distinct student publications including Semper, Jacaranda, Sugar Cane, The Queenslander, Statecraft, Exordium and the Obiter– as well as hundreds of contributors from every faculty, the raw talent and enthusiasm found at UQ is phenomenal.


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QUT Lit Salon is a monthly reading series featuring QUTs best and brightest. Traditionally hosted at the Bearded Lady, LitSalon selects themed readings from submissions every month.


Inklings is the writing and storytelling society at QUT. Currently in lockdown because of – you know – they are looking forward to a world where they can yet again invite writers to shuck the stereotype of the loner in the study and have fun at community focussed social events.

Jacaranda UQ is an annual academic and creative writing journal for Humanities undergraduate students at the University of Queensland. It seeks to showcase the best and brightest undergraduate talent in the humanities and social sciences by providing students with an opportunity to be published and involve themselves in the journal’s production.


Fem and Them+ is an upcoming student zine showcasing the voices of women and non-binary students at UQ.


Post Datum aims to welcome students to the Brisbane art scene by regularly holding student-run exhibitions, producing an art zine and hosting art-related events for club members and QUT Students. Post Datum welcomes any student interested in contemporary art regardless of their field of study.


The CIS is the Creative Industries Society which combines all faculties within the CI to give students a way of making connections with their peers in fun and creative ways. We aim to connect all students in the Creative Industries to develop strong friendships and professional relationships, which in turn creates collaboration to foster growth in their selective areas.


Vermilion Records is a not-for-profit, student-run record label based out of Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

Our roster of young, emerging talent are current students and alumni of QUT. We consider ourselves a stepping-stone label for both musicians and students who are keen to work in the music industry.

Vermilion Records is managed by a team of QUT students and music school staff. Our artists have full use of QUT’s state-of-the-art recording studios and live music rehearsal facilities. We are an internationally-minded label, who are absolutely willing to team up and work with students around the globe.



Amy Sargeant is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based visual artist, musician and activist. Through installations of sculpture, audio and video Amy’s work responds to her disillusionment with the dysfunctions of the Australian political establishment by reframing the elements of political spectacle. Amy deploys the Situationist method of detournement to de-stabilise motifs from mainstream politics, activist iconography, symbols and visual cultures. 


Instagram | www.amysargeant.art


Ramisa Raya is a recent Law Graduate from QUT, but after recognising that her heart is in the humanities, she began a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Philosophy) with units in English and Sociology. She is an avid drinker of bubble tea, has a perchance for children’s television shows, loves coffee shop vibes, and can frequently be spotted acting like a tourist in her own city Brisbane. You are welcome to her hobbyist poetry project speak here: https://speak-project.tumblr.com/


Lyn is a Creative Industries student working as the International officee of the QUT Guild, as well as peer advisor of QUT student success group. Lyn has a great passion for music and story telling. She is inspired by travel and positive energy.



Katlin Litt is a Brisbane-based multidisciplinary artist in her third year of studying a Bachelor of Fine Art in Visual Art at QUT. Litt works predominately in soft sculptures, photography, and painting. Her work can be viewed as diaristic as it is based on personal experience with body-love, body-loathing, relationships, sexuality, gender, and bodily functions.



Sofija Piletic is in the third year of her BFA in Creative & Professional Writing. She loves writing poetry, non-fiction and short stories, holding a special place in her heart for art concerned with the environment & feminism. Her myriad of messy journals, kept since she could put pen to paper, are what make her feel most powerful. She has recently been published in BabyTeeth Journal, F*EMS Zine, QUT Glass and more.



JAAMY is a pop and RnB singer-songwriter working in Brisbane and studying at QUT. JAAMY was a featured vocalist on CGEN (Creative Generation) and a lead in the 2017 musical Snow Queen. Her first single, Let Me In, debuted on Spotify this June. JAAMY is inspired by KPOP and her favourite group BTS. Check out her music on Spotify and IGTV.

Instagram | Facebook | Spotify


Anahita Ebrahimi is in her fifth year of a Law and Creative/Professional Writing degree at QUT and is currently Co-President of the QUT Literary Salon and editor elect of Glass Magazine. She loves coffee, fan-fiction & psychological thrillers. You can find her work at Glass, the QUT Literary Salon, and QUT’s Scratch That Magazine.


Persis Lok is an aspiring writer and poet from Singapore, who is passionate about the arts scene and media industries. As a Creative Writing student minoring in Journalism and Entertainment, she chose this path of study because she loves rhyme and rhythm, as well as alliteration and revelations. She recently completed her internship with Queensland Magazines and plans to soak up more of what Australia has to offer by exploring new roads and vintage thrift stores.



Bonnie Hogan is a third-year creative writing student with a passion for delving into the depth of human emotion. Her poetry and prose often experiment with concrete imagery/metaphors, dream-inspired content/visuals and an immersive second person POV, along with themes of love, lust and the self. She hopes to publish her poetry collection she is currently working on once she graduates.



Jack Bell is a third-year creative writing student who also has a degree in Film. He’s interested in fiction that explores genre boundaries, as well as literary fiction that explores our current cultural milieu.


Chloe Mills is a Brisbane based writer and co-founder of literary zine Concrescence. Her fiction work has been published in PASTEL Magazine, The Tundish Review, and the Within/Without These Walls anthology, among others. She has had non-fiction published in the Within/Without These Walls anthology and also on website yourzenmama owned by Theresa Palmer and Sarah Wright Olsen. She has read, panelled, and hosted for QPF, Avid Reader, QUT, Charity Events, and alongside David Malouf at the Saturday Poetry Series. She was shortlisted for the single mothers residency with Overland Literary Journal in 2019. She does editing work for Jaguar Jonze (Deena Lynch) and has also worked as an intern editor for high brow art magazine Eyeline Limited. She is working a non linear poetry collection surrounding themes of, trauma, healing, pop culture and suburbia.


Ellen Vickerman is an emerging Brisbane-based writer interested in stylistics, popular culture, and adaption. She is currently studying a Master of Philosophy at QUT, where she researches structures for narratives of betweenness, and uses her creative work to experiment with practices for making meaning in stasis and suspension.  Ellen recently won the 2020 SLQ Young Writers’ Award.